Fun Sized parenting comicMy name is Michael Patrick, the author and artist behind the Fun Sized webcomic, as well as the Lead graphic designer of Fun Sized Illustration. I currently live near enough to Portland to call it home, and work a busy full time job at night. During the day I try to raise two beautiful kids with my lovely Wife, and fail miserably on the good days. I have a passion for art in all forms of it,  especially animation, and strive to hopefully make people laugh through my own artwork.  I am one of those people who is so incredibly amazed at movies like the ones Pixar makes, I have to watch them over and over!  Thankfully my kids don’t mind. So thanks for reading the comic and pass them on if you like them! Or pass them on if you don’t.  Or you could print out copies of my web comics, rip them up, spit on them and instagram it!   Any publicity is good publicity they say.


I also would love any feedback or questions  you have, so you can contact me at [email protected]