Episode 84

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Been a while

As the title suggests, it has been a while since I have updated the site with new comics, but have just gotten started with completely re hauling the website!  I have a vision of a wide array of content available, such as articles, fake new stories, animated shorts, and of course new one panel Fun sized comics.


Hope you all like it, its still a work in progress.

Easter Sunday Episode 77


Sorry, WordPress was acting funny for a bit, so this got posted a little late. Happy Easter anyways!

New Fun Sized! Episode 74

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Well, its been a long while since I have posted a comic, but I am going to start really slow with about one a week and go from there.  Keep posted, and thanks for reading!

Little Vacation

No comics until next Monday, I am taking a little time off completely art free! See everybody Monday!

True Milk (True Blood parody poster)

As a huge fan of  HBO’s True Blood I had to throw out a parody poster.  I guess the gist is.. formula is the “tru blood” drink  and breast milk is real blood.. makes sense because Formula tastes like crap yes Ive tried it, and so does the fictional drink in the show… apparently..  ok  watch True Blood or that will all sound weird.

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