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Fun sized comics Guest comic for Lunarbaboon

Hey all!  A while back I got the opportunity to draw a guest comic for a fellow parenting cartoonist (among many other topics), the hilarious and talented Lunarbaboon!  By opportunity I mean I just asked, and he was gracious enough to consider my piece as a guest comic strip.  I’ve been reading his webcomic for […]

New Calvin and Hobbes Parody

I felt a little wrong drawing this as a wannabe cartoonist, as there is a consensus that it is dirty and wrong to use Bill Watterson’s characters in jest and parody, but I thought this was appropriate as a representation of how the creator feels about his characters being “walked all over”.   Although now, I’m […]

Lego Friends ‘Heartlake Abortion Clinic’

Editors Note: Marcus I. Rensworth is the lead Toys & Games writer for Fun Sized â„¢ Media. Billund, Denmark – August 1st 2013 –  This week,  the Lego corporation, based out of Northern Denmark, held a press conference to announce one of several new additions to its “Friends” line of their popular building toys aimed […]

What to do when your child brings home the poor kid.

From Chapter 15 ‘Outings with the friend’ Editors Note:  The following is an excerpt from the New york times bestseller ‘What to do if your child brings home the poor kid’ by Gloria  H.G Hammond Published by Fun Sizedâ„¢ Publishing Press paper books, Portland, Oregon © 2013       As discussed thoroughly last chapter, […]

Been a while

As the title suggests, it has been a while since I have updated the site with new comics, but have just gotten started with completely re hauling the website!  I have a vision of a wide array of content available, such as articles, fake new stories, animated shorts, and of course new one panel Fun […]

Birthday Card #1

I was inspired to create an interesting birthday card the other day, one that a kid might take at least a second look at before the usual shake for money/checks. Enjoy!