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gtaWhile being a full time father of two, of course one has priorities.  September 17th being the release date of the very kid friendly video game, Grand Theft Auto 5, which will be consuming more time than I care to admit.

October 25, 2011 #66

This is technically Wednesday already, but here is Tuesday’s comic!  Today’s will be posted later on.

fun sized comic cartoon funny parenting comic mom at police station steals dvd player

Episode 66

October 11, 2011 #63

This one of course I am guilty of, as with allot of parents out there.  It is very hard to get up and change out the dvd in the drive and takes allot of motivation.

Fun sized funny parenting comic son and dad watching same movie

Episode 63

September 30, 2011 #55 & #56

I missed two days in a row so I had to make it up a bit with two comics today. Enjoy!

Fun sized comic funny parenting cartoon mom and dad put video of son on youtube son threatens to embaras

Episode 56


fun sized funny parenting comic little brother does some animal testing with sisters shampoos

Episode 56

September 8, 2011 #43

Fun sized comics cartoon mom and dad getting daughter to call phone company to argue

Episode 43

September 7, 2011 #42

fun sized comic cartoon funny parenting dad and son ignoring wife calling

Episode 42

I must give credit to my wife for the concept behind this comic, and for the coloring job. Thank you for your support because this wouldn’t be in the least bit fun with ought such a loving family to share my life with. I love you Kesh.





August 18, 2011 #33

Fun sized comic cartoon dad and son throwing blu ray discs at the wall hindsight

Episode 33

July 27, 2011 #19

Fun sized comic cartoon stasis field technology keeps son in time out space continuum

Episode 19

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July 5, 2011 #3

Fun sized comic cartoon son and dad sending pictures on phone of picking nose